What We Do


                                                         Smarthospital work with

                                                             Complex User Environment     

            Interaction between Personnel-Patient when it comes to Products and Services both Physically and Virtually 

                                                    Smarthospital wants to explore


                                                            What is technically possible

                                                            What is economically sound  

                                                                   Our Purpose

       Develop knowledge that are important when it comes to creating Sustainable Care Environments and Care Units

        Present and test Architecture, Design and Colors as important in connection with the efforts of reforming Health Care and its Care Processes

                                                                       Our Goal    

 Improve, make visible and evaluate different possibilities for design and development in projects within Health Care              



We promote research-based design in medical practice and advocate standards in the development of psycho-socially supportive design that promote health and well-being.

Smarthospital.se examines user desirability, technical feasibility and business viability. The goal is to visualize, evaluate and refine opportunities for design and development in every project. We spend intense periods of interviewing, observing and researching making maps of interactions between employees. The observations supply a deep understanding of the dynamics that occur between various team members in different hospitals or clinics. With these insights we employ new methods of rapid prototyping with employees and general managers, thereby creating a feed-back loop and decreasing implementation costs.

We work with:observation-brainstorming-prototyping-implementation

We use social-network analysis and network cartography, allowing medical organizations to visualize who is in their customer base, their supply chain, and their field of influence. We use workshops that helps translate ideas into new ways to use space, tools, technology as well as novel service delivery designs. Supporting patient-physician communication is another way to put the transformation process into action. We devise simple and flexible designs that allows for more informative, comfortable and guided interactions among staff and patients. We supply a basic template for creating service delivery innovation.

Our aim is to create social,economic and cultural value within medical communities through the promotion and advocay of high quality research-based design and professional practice in the design of physical environments and technologies that improve human health, wellbeing and life quality.

We are focused on the design and development of new kind of spaces that create meaningful experiences for all the people that who will use and interact with them. Through intensive contextual research, we gain insights about how people understand and experience a place, a process, a service. and a brand which we translate into a network of design opportunities. Our projects deal with all aspects of an environment, the achitecture, the spaces and objects within, the information presented, the interactions people have, the processes people go through, and the integration of technology.

Interaction design include the creation of any complex user experience that unfolds over time. It shapes the user experiences of products, services and evironments, both physical and virtual.